Areas of Practice

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Areas of Law Practice in Tulsa Ok

Family Law

As a natural consequence of divorce or separation, family law cases can be very emotional. In cases involving children, custody and visitation issues can intensify these emotions. It is crucial to have an attorney that is experienced and prepared to protect your legal rights. The attorneys at Woodward Guten are prepared to aggressively represent your rights and guide you through every step in the process.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of designing and implementing a plan to ensure that your assets pass to those persons you wish to benefit from them following your death, at the least possible cost and with the fewest procedural headaches to your intended beneficiaries.

Elder Law

Elder Law focuses on the legal needs of the elderly and attorneys who practice in Elder Law should have expertise in specific areas which would naturally affect the elderly the most. Those areas often include retirement planning, long term care planning, life insurance and long term care insurance, Medicare, Social Security, Veteran’s benefits and other government benefit programs, and estate planning.

Military Law

Matters unique to military members or issues involving military rights and entitlements require the assistance of an attorney who is specifically educated and experienced in Military Law. We are prepared and proud to defend the rights of those who protect our country & our civil rights at home and abroad.

Civil Litigation

Disagreements are normal, and a part of everyday life. Naturally, the best approach to resolve a disagreement is to try to work with the other party to resolve it as peacefully and civilly as possible through negotiation and dialogue. When that doesn’t work, you might have to resort to the courts. This is where we can help.

Business Formation

Starting your own business can be complicated. Acquiring the professional assistance of an experienced business formation attorney can save you and your company time and money. At Woodward Guten, we help aspiring Tulsa business owners turn their ideas into real business solutions.